Friday, 1 November 2013

Students give Jack winning DNA

SSTO students teamed up with a professional footballer this week to help him progress up the League ladder.

Morecambe striker Jack Sampson was invited to UCLan by Course Leader Amy Whitehead to undertake a series of football (position) specific tests.

The session, hosted in conjunction with elite performance experts Winning DNA, was designed to help Jack enhance his performance by improving his motivation and focus.

Sports Coaching, Sports Science and Psychology students helped conduct the tests as part of their Sport Physchology modules. Jack is striving to push to the next level of football and was tested not only on his athletic ability but also his level of motivation.

All the students involved questioned Jack on his training plan and game preparations and got to see first-hand experience of Sport Psychology in action through interaction with a high-level athlete. Jack was very impressed with the facilities at UCLan and the session is likely to be repeated with other footballers in the coming weeks.