Friday, 19 February 2016

Leona Trimble's Fundraising Event - The Activity-a-Thon

On the 12th of February 2016 Leona Trimble took part in a twelve hour activity-a-thon at the Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre which was inspired by the untimely passing of her family member who was only 22. Leona's second cousin passed away due to cancer thus inspiring her to take part in the activity-a-thon for the charity Teenage Cancer Trust. Leona was able to take the day as a Time to Shine day due to her fundraising efforts.

The activity-a-thon fitted around the classes at the Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre and consisted of:

8am morning blast
12.30 tai chi
4pm boxercise
7pm Zumba

The activity-a-thon was alsosupported by the sports clubs and societies who held sessions in the sports halls/studios such as netball, 5-a-side, handball, ultimate Frisbee, women’s basketball, badminton and table tennis. There was also a spinning bike challenge to keep two spinning bikes going continuously throughout the 12 hours. All activities were of course supported by staff who helped in person by doing some of the activities with Leona and gave generous donations. The Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre offered free staff passes to staff who wanted to support but are not members of the sports centre.

The event was organised in 7 days by the sport foundation year students taking the TLC115 (planning and evaluating a sports event) module.  Fundraising was supported by Teenage Cancer Trust regional fundraising team and we were delighted to welcome Michelle White the regional fundraising officer into the university to celebrate us raising an excellent £1130 for Teenage Cancer Trust.